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eMule Plus COM is a new generation eMule compatible client. It improves speed and robustness in downloads and it offers more features than the standard clients. eMule Plus COM includes a new e-link feature that shows the top music, movies, series, software and global downloads. It also includes support for RSS, allowing users to add their own websites downloads, an improved GUI and searcher, plus other features. With eMule Plus COM, you can download millions of files available through the web, hosted on computers belonging to users like you: movies, music, software, photos, documents... Actually, the files on your computer are being shared at the same time too, so there will be users downloading files from your computer. This is what sharing files is all about. You can start downloading your files in two different ways: by using the "Search" button to find the files you need on your peers' PCs, right clicking the desired ones and starting downloading, or by visiting any site containing elinks (links downloadable via eMule), clicking on them and letting the program download everything for you. You will benefit then from the millions of files shared by other clients users, like Azureus, eDonkey, eMule, etc. There are lots of file sharing servers. And you can always update your list looking for a server.met file anywhere on the Internet. eMule Plus COM supports 31 languages and does not contain any spyware, adware or the like.

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